Well Water Flow Test

When evaluating your well’s production capacity, it is customary to conduct a flow test, also referred to as a productivity test. This tests how much water is coming from the well and the rate of how many gallons per minute your pump is producing as well as static and pumping levels along with the pressure.  If the results of the flow rate test don’t meet the recommended rates, then we can discuss possible ways to increase the flow rate.

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Water Quality Testing

If there is a bad taste, smell, or suspicious water appearance in your well, it is advised to get a water quality and chemistry test to determine if there are any contaminants or issues such as high iron content, hardness and sulfur in the water.  It is also advised to test your water annually for bacteria, nitrates, or any other contaminants.

Potability Testing

A well water potability test ensures your homes water supply is safe for consumption.  This test checks for two forms of bacteria- Coliform and E.coli as well as testing for Nitrates, Arsenic, etc. 
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